The largest airports in the Old Continent

Nowadays, almost all of larger cities in the Europe have airfield. The same is in USA, Canada or Australia. Buying flight tickets is much more usual for people, then it was 15 years ago. But there are few large airfields in the world, scales of it are sometimes larger then size of a small town. Airports like that are capable to send people to antipodes with one tour! They are so huge, that sometimes you will need a map to avoid getting lost.

Airport Charles de Gaulle capital of France

This situated twenty-three kilometers out of Paris airfield, is second in the Old Continent and seventh in the planet (if we are thinking about number of checked travelers per year) . There are three terminals. First one is for international connections, second one is for Air France only, 3rd one is for buyers of low-price cheap flight tickets. To arrived here from the center of Paris, you could to take a cab (50 Euro), or train. But get ready for trip lasting almost one hour. Near to the airfield you find couple hotels and motels. In first terminal there are a lot of galleries, markets, pubs and boutiques.
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Airport Frankfurt (Germany)

This airport is the largest in country. Situated ten kilometers from the center, contains 2 terminals. They are not connected with each other, but there is a railway driving between it for free. At airport are staying planes from over one hundred airlines companies. It is no problem to get flight tickets to any connection at the airfield area. To get here you may rent a cab (20 Euro), take a bus or take your own vehicle– there is a lot of parking spaces, long and short terms. Also, there is a railway stop, you can get here straightly from almost every city in Germany.

Amsterdam Schiphol's Airport (Netherlands)

The biggest airport in this area, was build in early XX th century. There is only one terminal, cut into two parts : one for Departures and second for Arrivals flights (read ). Airport laid close to highway, so you can easy get here by car or taxi. The cheapest option will be railway – journey from old town costs few Euro. Also you may arrived here from Rotterdam, Utrecht, Haga and others, taking city bus. At the airport's location you can rent a car, eat lunch, buy flight tickets, get some groceries, and even drink a cocktail in local pub.

Heathrow Airport in London (UK)

It is number one in Europe and 3rd in the world – last year, seventy millions of passengers were checked at Heathrow airfield. Also, this one own the highest number of internationals connections. It contain five terminals, serving for 90 airline corporations, and it cooperate with nearly 100 countries (find out). Inside you will find a lot of restaurants, bars, shops and boutiques. It is one of 6 airfield in London area, you may come here easily by bus or taxi – there is highway close to it. Also, you can take a local bus or choose railway – there is a train stop near to Heatherow.

If you like to make sure, that you doesn't need to interchange in time of your flight, just get flight tickets for airplane coming from some of the airports above. You will see there planes touring all around the world without any interchanges. And those airfields are still getting bigger.

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