How to refurbish the old wooden entrances so that they fit into the rest of the building?

Wooden interior doors in antique dwellings or condominiums often sprout from recently painted internal walls, distinguishing themselves long ago with wasted oil paint.

Prepared by: Wicker Paradise

Prepared by: Joseph Bremson

What is more, there are frequently gaps around the door frame, and the door leaf strokes, which have been battered for ages, have spotty scrapes, marks or cavities. If you do not have the occasion or the wish for a total restoration, connected to the door substitution, it is the moment to renew the aged wooden doors or panels.

Prepared by: Johan Larsson

Renovation of wooden doors most frequently requires removal of the old paint covering. Paling, irregulary top of oil paint will not adopt a good new final layer. Exist many methods of removing oil paint. These works, such as sandblasting or burning with an electric heater can be obtained from qualified firms. Slips or crevices formed in the door can disappear in an easy way, you seal it with putty. You are supposed to only start grinding after complete cure, which can take from several hours to an entire day, relying on the products applied and the measure of the defects. For sanding surfaces you should use sandpaper, nonetheless in angles, for instance for glazing it should be easier to use abrasive sponge. Grab the pack that comes with the sandpaper – it will be faster and easier to flatten the wooden surface. After replacing the aged oil varnish coating, you will have almost rough wood or wood-based board.

However, as it is an old surface, it would be worth to coat it with coloring base, not wood lacquer, for example. The door after such a renewal is suitable for relocating in hinges.

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