New fashion in decorating rooms’ walls

Trends in interior design changes rather quickly. You must be very interested in this field to go on with this. Or work as a interior designer. I don’t. I have changed the interior of my flat a many months ago. I clearly recall that back then it was popular to paint walls. My architect managed to convince back then to remove the wallpapers from my apartment and to replace it with paint. I liked it as I didn’t have to paint walls by myself – I had workers. So I just agreed with the concept of the atchitect, and painted all walls.
A while ago I was redecorating my apartment again. My children became older and I had to modify the look of their room so it can be more suitable for them. I hired the architect and after the conversation we had it turned out that, amazingly, wallpapers are fashionable and highly famous again. Nowadays, wallpapers present themselves a little different. Last wallpapers I used for the walls were mostly plain, with no patterns or only very tiny and boring ones. This was nice but nothing really original - read . It might be the reason why I became so crazy when the architect showed me wallpapers he chose for my kids rooms. Contrary to wallpapers I was familiar with ealier, these ones had marvellous big patterns on them. As a matter of fact, it looked more like an amazing, very good quality photographies, really realistic ones. Thanks to my designer’ great taste, I made up a decision to use those wallpapers in my kids’ rooms.
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My first son is a big fan of nature. He admiers walking in forests, staying close to nature etc. In consequence, we have put the forest wallpaper in his room. That wallpaper looks so realistic that you can really feel like you are in forest! My smaller son loves hip hop music. He does skateboarding and likes graffiti. Therefore, the choice was simple in his case. We chose graffiti wallpaper. When he saw it he was greatly grateful for that. All those patterns look so real as this was real, high quality graffiti on the walls.

As a result of redecorating my kids’ rooms’, I got to know that wallpapers don’t necessarily
have to be plain as it was repeatedly the case a few years ago.

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