Strange ways of how my obsession with Japan changed the interior of my room

Last year I went for holidays to Japan. I really enjoyed it! I have had there best days of my life. When I came back, Japan was in my mind constantly. I fell in love with Japanese culture, style and everything connected with this country. I became to read Japanese literature, preparing Japanese dishes and getting more and more fascinated with Japanese culture. I am aware that it may sound a little weird but I couldn’t help it. If I only could, I would possibly move to Japan. Unfortunately, for various reasons, I just couldn’t. Consequently, I was trying to surround myself with as many Japanese objects as possible.

Prepared by: Christian Jensen
Many my friends were aware of my Japanese obsession. I need to admit they were pretty tolerant about this. They were repeatedly cooking sushi but there was nothing else they was able to do for me. At least I believed that. But then 1 day my colleague told me about oriental wallpaper he saw in a shop. At first I didn’t know what oriental wallpaper means but I went with my friend to that shop to check this wallpaper up. When I saw this I just knew it was perfect for me. That was truly amazing.

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What my friend showed me was a wallpaper with amazing patterns on it. Nevertheless, that was not some banal patterns (check out more). For example, on the flowers wallpaper I have seen cherry blossom. I Believe you are familiar with the fact that this is quite a symbol of Japan. In consequence, I believe that you can imagine how happy I was when I saw it! Among tons of other wallpapers, I have picked also one more oriental wallpaper, with Japanese food that I was missing so much. I know it sounds amazing that I was lucky to find accurately what I was hoping for. But trust me – modern wallpapers have nearly every pattern you could wish for. And even if not, you could create your own wallpaper which will have pattern you long for! I not only purchased two wallpapers I saw, but also ordered 2 more that I wanted to have in my house.

guest room
Prepared by: Dulux
Oryginal: Dulux
As a result of that, walls in my apartment make me feel like I am still in Japan. This is so much better than just plain, uninteresting walls I used to have in my apartment earlier. In consequence, if you are obsessed with something so much as I was obsessed with Japan, I would suggest to use wallpapers! It can help to fill your room with the atmosphere of the place you are missing - see complete offer at.

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