Rearranging the room: why are walls so significant and which ideas can be applied?

Walls may play a crucial role during the change of the design. Not only they demarcate the borders of given apartment, but also may introduces the mood of the whole place.

Dyes affect the people’s frame of mind in the space. The walls should be coherent with the whole design.

It is obvious that kids’ room is often more vivid than the another rooms at home. Nevertheless, it does not imply that living room or bedroom must have boring, plain walls. A wide variety of wall decorations is accessible in internet shops. Because of that, the new-fashioned designs like some geometric figures can be arranged on the wall, as well as more subtle motives - like flowers, dots or lines. Another amazing option is a mural. That composition can present a breathtaking landscape, the charm of nature or the original things like cars or everyday appliances. Wall murals are easy to apply and they may have various sizes. Online shops offer vivid murals for children. Here the famous animated characters are shown. There is a possibility of putting the mural on just one of the walls - the other three may remain plain. The convenience of this Kind of picture is the high quality and durability. The sunlight will not make it fade. Murals can be very realistic. Sometimes an amazing perspective is shown there, for example on the viaduct or jetty.

wall murals
Prepared by: Ruth Hartnup

During redecoration of the rooms, the walls should be taken into account.

The change of their look will make the whole room more warm and bright. It is good to remember that not just furniture and decorations can create the climate of the place.

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