Are you restoring a house? You absolutely should consider underfloor heating solution in the bathroom!

The warmed underfloor is the extravagance that anyone is able to afford, despite of the wallet's wealth. This unconventional solution impresses with efficiency, though it has its drawbacks.

With that said, should you place a floor heating structure in your restroom?

Prepared by: Paul Arps

Without doubt, this is a solution that you want to examine while building a house or during a general renewal. The profits of floor heating comprise low investment expenses. In the case of water heating, you will not spend too much on the installation, because of employing a low temperature underfloor heating system. Electric underfloor heating is linked with an increase of electric bills. Underfloor heating works great with a minuscule restroom. Radiators and tubes do not take up extra space, which rises the freedom of interior design. However, if you adopt this sort of heating system, the floor will increase a few centimeters. In case of underfloor heating the dirt does not disperse excessively and does not settle on the floor level. Thanks to that, the floor is cleaner, which makes it easier to contribute to the everyday maintenance of the flat. It is also a friendly resolution for allergy victims. The major disadvantage of this heating solution is the need to break the floor and the screed fitting in event of any fault. Exclusively in this way you would be able to reach the cause of the problem.

Taking everything into consideration, floor floor solution is durable, ergonomic and aesthetic.

It secures maximum comfort with minimal expenditure and sporadic maintenance actions. It is therefore recommended to adopt the floor heating in the restroom, especially during house general renovation.

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