Self papering. How to wallpaper without mistakes? Basics and a way more interesting things

Sometimes I think you wondered how can I insert the wallpaper on the walls in the office. Although this action looks to you to be a lot more complex than painting the fances, for sure, it shouldn't take a way more time and attention.
Don't lose the part of getting ready the walls - of that fact depends the firmness of cladding. It is important to first select the paper, and then pick to them a type of glue. The substrate under the wallpaper should be sound, clean, dry and smooth. By the way, you need to begin by cleaning it with remains of old paint or wallpaper. Depending on the room we should choose the appropriate theme. Let's assume that we need to do repairs in the office. Between the types especially interesting are those of the cities. Between the biggest major is the Eiffel tower wallpaper. Easiest treatment is the wallpaper interlining. They consist of two parts - a major fleece, the top of paper or plastic.
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Binder just grease the walls, and paper after unwind from the roll instantly connect to the wall. In the office wallpaper is to motivate to action - check . After getting ready the ground, we should work to gum paper. We count the distance from the ceiling to the floor and slash to this paper. It's significant that the paper was a few centimeters longer for the ending alignment and cutting. After that we put off the cornered piece on a previously prepared place and glue. The best use for that tuft and remembering to put the lubricant starting the inside and ending the outside. Particular attention can be paid to the corners of the paper. With that our office wallpaper will look sensational. Wallpapering always start from the corner. We attach the wallpaper to stick on the wall and down whole time to consider the wallpaper was vertically aligned. From time to time we break stick and roller inquiry wallpaper to the wall moving from the center toward the edges of the wallpaper.

With patience and good eye, the wallpaper should serve and grace your interior for years to come. And not important or it will be Eiffel tower wallpaper or any other - see page. It's important not to save funds on the high important things.

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